Art Mart, located at 409 N Martin St. Suite 2, Muncie IN. is a fine art supply store. We stock thousands of items for the artist both professional and beginner. Buy local!

Hello…we hope you find the art supplies you are looking for at our store. If not, simply ask us and we will do our best to get it for you.  Browse our huge selection of teacher recommended supplies for whatever art class, drafting, or project you are doing.  Located in the village right on the BSU campus, we are here and open when you need us.

We are a small, locally owned, art and architecture supply store. What we lack in “big-box store” convince, we more than make up for in knowledge and helpfulness. We carry supplies for paining, printing, drawing, model building, and sculpting. If we don’t carry the supplies you are searching for, we can, usually, order it and have it within a week.

Our History

Established in 2003

Karen and Paul Fisher bought the supply portion of Gordy’s Art Mart (now Gordy Fine Art and Framing) in 2003 and renamed it Art Mart. However, various Art Marts have been in business in Muncie for roughly 70 years.

Meet the Business Owner: Karen F.

Karen received her Bachelor’s degree in art education and her Master’s in general education from Ball State in the 1970’s. She taught in various positions in east central Indiana until the late 1990’s when she worked as a manager for Gordy’s Art Mart.

A few years later she, and her husband, bought half of Gordy’s Art Mart and now run it as Art Mart. Kare also teaches adult painting classes and children’s summer Art Camps at The Artist Within.

We are right here for you!

There are many internet stores is which the artist may shop, but there is something special about going into an actual supply store where one can touch, smell and test the supplies before purchasing. Very stimulating! To the artist, our shop is like a candy store and buying a new sketch book is like getting a new box of crayons at the start of school, you just can’t wait to use them!

We realize we cannot stock every brand or artist product no matter how hard we try, but, if we don’t stock the item, we can usually order it. As a general rule, we can get special orders with in a week and (again general) there are no shipping charges if your order can be placed on my order. Not sure of what material you want, but you know what you need it for? We love charades and puzzles, so let us help you figure out the right product for your project!