Products We Carry

We have recently added several beautiful Japanese “fine art” papers to our inventory.

Kozuke White (25×37), a good quality, versatile and economical sheet perfect for a variety of uses including painting, drawing, and printmaking.

Usu Kuchi Light (25×37), an excellent quality machine-made paper. Usu Cuchi Light is great for dyeing, as text pages, printmaking or chine colle. Very absorbent, highly translucent – lovely in layers.

Gampi Smooth (25×37), is also called Philippine gampi or manila hemp. Aritsts who need a smooth but cleanly absorbent surface for printmaking, calligraphy, collage, and drawing favour papers made from gampi fibers. It has an attractive warm tone and small bits of darder bark called “chiri” giving it extra character and an organic look.

Kiraku Kozo (25×39), cooked with caustic soda and soda ash. A versatile, reasonably priced kozo paper given its high quality. A lovely, even surface and a generous size = a lot of paper for the money! Suitable for all types of printmaking, drawing, and even dimensional work.

Gampi Silk Tissue (17.75×24), this machine-made paper has gampi’s characteristic sheen and soft translucence all at a great price. Technical pens leave a clear, solid line. Layer for interesting effects.


Manufactures: Strathmore, Canson, Cachet Classic Hardbound, Jack Richeson, Bee Paper, Bienfang, Knust & Papier


Arches Watercolor, 90lb, 140lb and 300lb hot and cold and rough press, Arches Cover, black or white

Fabriano Watercolor, 90lb and 140lb hot, cold and rough press

Saunders Waterford Watercolor, 90lb and 140lb hot, cold and rough press

Canson Montval Watercolor paper – 140lb cold press

Stonehenge print/ drawing paper in white, buff and gray

Rives BFK print/ drawing paper in white, buff, tan and gray

Bristol board in 2 and 3 ply (2 ply is vellum or smooth surface texture)

Goyu (fine Japanese print paper)

Mulberry (fine Japanese print paper)

Rives Lightweight and Rives Heavyweight


Frankfort in white and cream

Folio and Lenox print papers

Most of the sheet goods are 22×30 with some being oversized and sell per sheet

We also carry the line of Canson Me-Tientes, (in 28 colors!) for the pastel enthusiast as well as Canford Paper – 40 colors!

*Hot press paper has a very smooth surface, cold is a textural surface and rough says it’s name.



Gamblin Sketching Oils and Gamblin Artist Oils. Sketching oils are a good quality student grade and Artist oils are a good quality professional grade.

Winton Oils, a student grade paint made by Winsor Newton

M. Graham Oils is a professional grade paint made with walnut oil. Traditional oil paints have a linseed oil base, the walnut oil, which is 100% vegetable oil makes the paint more painter friendly as well as more eco-friendly.

* Customers will ask us why they should buy professional paint over student grade when the price difference is sometimes $4-5 per tube. Professional grade paint has a higher pigment load. (Pigment is the color in the paint.) More pigment means more intense color and in the long run the painter uses less professional quality paints thus saving money and paint.

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