“They Love Talking Art”

This is a great local store. They have a wide variety of high quality supplies, helpful and polite employees, and a great atmosphere. I have never had any problems with service and they work hard to get you the best deals they can. Their prices are higher than that of say, Hobby Lobby, but they are a local store and also are catering mainly to serious artists and the art students at Ball State. The wide variety of brands to choose from is also a big plus. All the employees are artists and love talking about art and are very open about their brand preferences. You will always get high quality supplies from Art Mart. I highly recommend it.

By: Tracy J.

“Feels Fun & Creative”

A relaxed and fun shopping expierence. This particular art shop is run by an artist who appears to be quite down to earth. The atmosphere feels creative and fun. I would definitely reccomend shopping here.

By: Samuel N.